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Did you "pretreat" your slides in Bouin's?

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> Subject: 	intern seeks help...
> My name is Heather Hall and I am presently doing an
> internship at Primedica Inc., located in Worcester,
> Mass.  One of the required slides is skin stained with
> trichrome.  For some reason, I cannot get this slide
> to come out right.  I first tried Masson's procedure,
> with kit reagents.  The slides appeared as though they
> had not been differentiated in
> phosphotungstic/phosphomolybdic acid long enough, as
> the collagen bundles were retaining the scarlet-acid
> fuchsin in their centers.  My first step to correct
> the problem was to increase the time in the p/p acid;
> that didn't work.  Next I made up fresh reagents;
> didn't work.  Altering the times in the other reagents
> didn't work either, so I tried the Gomori's procedure.
>  When the Gomori's did not work, I changed species
> (first species used was pig, second was human).  The
> same problem was occuring in the human tissue also.
> Since the control slides appeared to coming out fine I
> tried a third species.  I tried rat skin hoping that
> it might have a thinner connective tissue layer and
> permeability would be altered, but that came out as
> badly as the others.  I don't know what to do next to
> try and fix this problem.  Any suggestions would be
> very much appreciated.  Thanks for any help you may be
> able to give.
> Heather Hall
> Primedica Inc.
> Histology Lab
> Worcester, MA
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