RE: frozen ferret brain "shreds"

From:Alan Bright <>

Dear Dianne,

looks like you are sectioning the ferret brain at to cold a temperature, try
to section at -8 to -12 degs.C. also try to cool the knife and anti-roll
plate to around -20 deg.C. This will solve your problem, if not also look at
knife sharpness.

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From: Dianne Holmes []
Sent: 13 September 2000 16:56
Subject: frozen ferret brain "shreds"

I am cutting frozen un-fixed ferret brain at 10 microns.  My problem is the
sections cut clean and then as they thaw Othey "shred" horizontallly?
Looks like knife chatter but  undrer the   microscope , the cell population
seems to be in tact .  I'm  at a loss!!  Can anyone help?

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