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Bruce and Greg reflect my views, though I am on the other side of the fence,
fairly well. A specialist discussion forum should not just discuss recipes,
also recommend what is good and advise what is to be avoided. Because the
"histo industry" is much smaller then say tourism, there are few fly-by-night
vendors, because word gets around. Similarly, most technologists are
people, I would venture to pronounce you to be a cut above "average".

Question is how to. Even praise can be a "set-up" and just a cheap advertising

Criticism of a company is tricky:
Legally you can state the facts, "this happened with the instrument. . . . .,
we then did . . ., the company did . . . . Opinions can very quickly turn into
slander, particularly if the interpretation of your facts could be
disputed. In
some jurisdictions or circumstances it could also be slander if the intend of
the posting is seen to harm the company, which could be regardless of your
factual report. So get it clear into your head that your posting should be to
save other people finding out that certain equipment had certain shortcomings
for your particular application. To teach the company "a lesson", is a poor
reason to post.

Writing on facts only is easier than it sounds and its fairer to all. Consider
that this forum is powerful in histology and could be used, even well
meaningly, but in error and inflict huge loses on a company. Yet, a legal
threat, in our small industry is always counter-productive. A company would
never recover legal costs, so forget about damage claims, from most private
people.  In the process a company would receive more than a black eye to their
reputation if they sued and won. David is simply more popular than Goliath,
even if David uses unfair tactics. Company lawyers frequently favour legal
action to settle an argument, but they forget that the public is now smart
enough to know that legal might often is the antithesis of justice.

It may be more useful for a company to post their factual version of a case
may be they can demonstrate that they have done all the right things to fix a
real or imagined problem.
Communication is central to our listserver, lets use it judiciously; beats
judgements anytime.

Disclaimer: PST never had a serious or protracted dispute in 21 years. We have
had a couple of unreasonable or even silly customers, but that is all "in a
days work" - for all of us.
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On Thursday, September 07, 2000 10:18 PM, Greg Dobbin [SMTP:dobbin@Upei.CA]
> Bruce,
> I agree with your point, but I think you must agree that the
> professional (and may I say, adult) way to handle these situations,
> would be to state the facts as you see them and leave out slams,
> slander, personal attacks, and other schoolyard name-calling. Other
> intelligent adults on the Histonet can make up their own mind based
> on *all* available information.
> Cheers, eh!
> Greg
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> > Gayle Callis wrote: "If you have a "gritch" about equipment, product, or
> > company - call them directly and not bore us witless with commentary that
> > wastes the time of satisfied customers, or even less satisfied customers
> > who go through the proper(??) channels in dealing with a company".
> > Companies courteously(??) provide us with equipment demos and other things
> > free
> > of charge, so cut them some leeway and pick up a phone, taking Histonet out
> > of the loop. We could ALL(but we're talking about a Company - why
> > bring "ALL" into this!?) improve our services - technical or
> > otherwise - even in our own labs.
> > Remember Thumper in the Disney movie, Bambi, "If you can't say something
> > nice, then don't say nothin' at all!"
> >
> > Gail - I for one don't live by Hollywood/Disney movies; besides, that
> > is your value system !!  I didn't see you post a response to the "Don
> > Hammer/Renee Seiler" saga OR the Montana fires etc. where people have
> > aired their "personal views/experience/s"....etc. I agree
> > wholeheartedly with Felton L.Nail:
> > "The Histonet can serve as a big brother checking system and it's
> > intent should not be shaped by users who are JUST satisfied by demos
> > and free stuff at conventions. If you have a valid complaint about a
> > vendor this is an excellent forum to alert other labs from making the
> > same MISTAKE".
> > I personally have had both good/bad experiences with many Companies &
> > I appreciate colleagues "experiences & opinions"
> > RE:equipment/procedures/prices companies/ etc. etc.
> > Please do not misunderstand - nothing personal @ all Gail; am doing
> > what you have done......given MY opinion. Cheers, Bruce in OZ!
> >
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