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     Again  I will make this comment:  while the Histonet is a great
forum for sharing  information regarding equipment and vendors, I think
the tone and attitude of  most of these emails has been inflammatory
and inappropriate.  There is  nothing wrong with stating a problem and
your opinion of a company's service, or  lack of, in response to the
problem, but the way this whole situation has been  aired over the
Histonet is highly unprofessional.    

Jeanine Bartlett

Centers for Disease Control

Atlanta,  GA 



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Gayle Callis wrote: "If you have a "gritch" about equipment, product,


company - call them directly and not<bold> bore us witless with
commentary    that 


wastes the time of</bold> satisfied customers, or even less satisfied  


who go through the proper(??) channels in dealing with a company". 


Companies courteously(<bold>??</bold>) provide us with equipment demos
and other    things free 


of charge, so cut them some leeway and pick up a phone, taking Histonet


of the loop. We could ALL(<bold>but we're talking about a Company - why
bring    "ALL" into this</bold>!?) improve our services - technical or
otherwise - even in    our own labs. 


Remember Thumper in the Disney movie, Bambi, "If you can't say


nice, then don't say nothin' at all!" 


Gail - I for one don't live by Hollywood/Disney movies; besides, that
is    your value system !! I didn't see you post a response to the "Don
Hammer/Renee    Seiler" saga OR the Montana fires<bold> etc</bold>.
where people have aired their    "personal views/experience/s"....etc.
I agree wholeheartedly with Felton    L.Nail: 


<bold>"The Histonet can serve as a big brother checking system and it's
intent    should not be shaped by users who are<underline>
JUST</underline> satisfied by demos and free    stuff at conventions.
If you have a valid complaint about a vendor<underline> this is    an
excellent forum to alert other labs from making the same
MISTAKE".</underline>    </bold>I personally have had both good/bad
experiences with many Companies &    I appreciate colleagues
"experiences & opinions"    RE:equipment/procedures/prices companies/
etc. etc. 


Please do not misunderstand - nothing personal @ all Gail; am doing
what<bold>    you</bold> have done......given<bold> MY</bold> opinion.
Cheers, Bruce in OZ!    






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