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Hi Louise,

When we use the waterbath for HIER, we first bring the buffer and slides (in
a plastic coplin jar) up to a near boil in a microwave oven and then
transfer it to the waterbath and start our timing.  This works very well for
us and is our most gentle form of HIER that we use.

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> Subject:	Hercep help
> HI histonetters
> I need some help urgently!  I am embarking on  a  hercep trial and have
> run
> into an unexpected problem. What do you use to put your slides in to
> "boil"
> them for antigen retrieval? I tried using a glass coplin jar in my
> waterbath, but it shattered, and when I used a plastic one, I noticed that
> the internal solution temperature did not go above 82 degrees. (I have
> never
> been required to use a waterbath for Ag retrieval, having quite happily
> used
> a slide rack and a beaker in the microwave - but this sytem won't really
> work, as it uses quite a lot of buffer).
> Any suggestions will be welcome, I have about 100 slides to do in the next
> few days before I go on honeymoon!!
> Many thanks
> Louise Taylor
> Research Laboratory
> Department of Anatomical Pathology
> South African Institute for Medical Research
> Johannesburg
> South Africa

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