Processing Machines/ Leica Autostainer. (by way of histonet)

Dear Histonetters,
We are currently looking to purchase a new processing machine and would like
to have any comments from users of the following:- Shandon Pathcentre ATP1,
Tissue Tek VIP and of course the Leica TP1050.  We would also like to hear
from users of the Leica Autostainer XL machine as we are currently
experiencing problems with the quality of staining (We are getting small
perfect circles of eosin staining only - no haematoxylin particularly in
epithelial tissue).  We have spoken to Leica regarding this matter but they
said that they have never heard of this before and perhaps it is due to
solvent saturation.  Please help us before it drives us mad!
Many many thanks in anticipation of replies.

Frustrated Histologists,
West Midlands, England.

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