Paid $100.00 for that advice.

From:Susan Owens <> (by way of histonet)

Well Sharon, IMO you need to get your money back.
An opinion may be 'an opinion' and 'not a fact', but opinions (positive or
negative) can and do have far reaching tentacles..Negative opinions
expressed that due damage to another will leave that opinion maker wide open
to a 'damage/slander suit'..........Even without the threat of a lawsuit,
negative opinions, once voiced are never forgotten..Retractions on the front
page of every major newspaper will not erase the original negative opinions.
Some will never see or hear the retractions, others will choose to 'believe
the original opinion'...... Opinions, in particular negative opinions,
expressed here on HistoNet would be equivalent to an announment on the 5, 6
AND 10 oclock News.

The HistoNet has been and should continue to be a source for an exchange of
information, opinions and constructive criticisms.....But not a venue for
heated and overly emotional dissertations.

Just My Opinion.


>Date: 8 Sep 2000 10:59:34 -0500
>From: "sharon lang" <>
>Subject: Re: Reprocussions of free speech

>An opinion is just that "an opinion" and legally one cannot be held liable
>for "an opinion".  I have checked this out with a lawyer.  There is a
>difference if you are stating "fact" but an opinion is just what it is.
>Paid $100.00 for that advice.



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