Moh's Help

From:"Noreen S. Gilman" <> (by way of histonet)

Hello all.....
A while back I asked for and received help concerning Moh's techniques. I've
misplaced (actually not misplaced; I left it at my old job when I was laid
off) my extensive file on those procedures that all of you were so kind to
send to me.
May I ask for your help again in getting that info to me?  I really need
staining and cutting  procedures, even though I'm a histotech,  I know that
Moh's is somewhat different from the routine. Anything you can provide will
be gratefully accepted.  You can send it to me as an attached word document
or I can supply you with a fax number, if that's more convenient.  Thanks
again to all of you for being there.

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