MMA that people use here in Australia?

From:Manuel Jayo <> (by way of histonet)


In response to your message below, I know of investigators in Australia that
primarily conduct epidemiological studies on osteopenia, peak bone mass
acquisition, and postmenopausal osteoporosis. However, I have one paper that is
from Australia and mentions authors in Australia who may be capable of helping
you (enclosed below). Also, I have a friend and ex-post-doctoral person in
Bogor, Indonesia, experienced in MMA and macrotome histology who may be of
assistance if you can't find someone. She, however, does not have experience in
device and Exakt cutting or grinding.

Moore RJ, Durbridge TC, McNeil PJ, Parkinson IH, Need AG, Vernon-Roberts B.
the Division of Tissue Pathology, Institute of Medical and Veterinary Science,
Adelaide, SA. Title: Trabecular spacing in post-menopausal Australian women
and without vertebral fractures. In: Australian & New Zealand Journal of
Medicine.  22(3):269-73, 1992. Abstract: Histomorphometric measurements were
made from iliac crest biopsies of 32 women with vertebral fractures and 37
without fracture. All were post-menopausal Australian women who had presented
with back pain to a hospital out-patient endocrinology clinic. Bone from the
fracture cases was characterised by loss of individual trabecular elements,
the remaining trabeculae being spaced further apart than those in the
non-fracture women (p less than 0.0001). This resulted in a significant
in trabecular bone volume (p less than 0.01). In addition osteoid surface was
reduced (p less than 0.01). Dynamic parameters of bone turnover were not
significantly different between the two groups. These data should be useful for
the assessment of iliac bone histomorphometry in Australian post-menopausal
women suspected of having osteoporosis.

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From: Christine Lee
Sent: 9/4/00 7:12 PM
Subject: MMA

I need some help from people more knowledgable than I in the use of
I have managed to ferret out that Technovit 7100 is GMA, and that
Technovit 7200 is MMA.
GMA is no use to me as we will be cutting a Titanium/plastic embeded
bone sample and the GMA is too soft. I need MMA.  The German suppliers of
Tchnovit 7200 are not sure about shipping it to Australia. The reason I
am speciffying  Technovit 7200 is that it was used in a German paper the
researcher is
In the event that I connot get Technovit 7200 is there any other MMA
that people use here in Australia and is it always reliabe??.


Christine Lee,
Veterinary Histopathology,
University of Queensland

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Date: 5 Sep 2000 09:36:15 -0500
From: Gayle Callis <>
Subject: Miking up your PMMA mixtures

It is not that difficult to make up your own PMMA mixtures, did that
exclusively, mainly due to the cost of kits, and could vary what I needed
for the hardness of bone, implant, microtoming or grinding.  Many people do
this as they use such huge volumes of reagent unless you have unlimited
funds for kits.

It is no less toxic to work with separate reagents than with a kit.  There
are MMA mixtures that do not require any washing of hydroquinone
(polymerization inhibitor) out of monomer, getting rid of a messy
additional step.  A GOOD fume hood is a necessity EVEN with kits.

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