From:Christine Lee <> (by way of histonet)

I need some help from people more knowledgable than I in the use of plastics.

I have managed to ferret out that Technovit 7100 is GMA, and that Technovit
7200 is MMA.
GMA is no use to me as we will be cutting a Titanium/plastic embeded bone
sample and the GMA is too soft. I need MMA.  The German suppliers of
Tchnovit 7200 are not sure about shipping it to Australia. The reason I am
Technovit 7200 is that it was used in a German paper the researcher is

In the event that I connot get Technovit 7200 is there any other MMA that
people use here in Australia and is it always reliabe??.


Christine Lee,
Veterinary Histopathology,
University of Queensland

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