Help with clarification of "Lake" (by way of histonet)

Me and my fellow coworkers are studying for our ASCP HT and we were wondering

if anyone out there could help us with some clarification about a lake for
cytoplasmic staining.  We know that a Lake is the combination of a mordant
with a dye and that the dye lake can bind to tissue components and form an
insoluble colored deposit.  But what we would like some help with is this:
Why is it that when you use the lake technique procedure you get different
results from when you stain with the slide standing in a coplin jar versus
lying flat on a stain rack?

Sorry, since I have only gotten one reply I have reread what I wrote last
night and would like to try asking it another way.
Please explain to me why it is or if it is better that we place the slides on
a stain rack instead of placing it standing in a coplin jar.


Noreen Fitzgibbons
Reno, NV
Washoe Medical Center

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