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From:"Dr. Ian Montgomery." <ian.montgomery@bio.gla.ac.uk> (by way of histonet)

         Totally agree Russ. Plus, working in the University sector I'm
looked on as something below the level of the laboratory rat. Fortunately I
know my place and don't get to uppity.

>Date: Tue, 05 Sep 2000 16:17:57 +0000 (GMT0BST)
>From: RUSS ALLISON <Allison@Cardiff.ac.uk>
>Subject: Re: Discontented about science observations
>To: Gayle Callis <uvsgc@msu.oscs.montana.edu>
>Cc: histonet@pathology.swmed.edu
>I can speak only of the UK!
>Time was when pathology was a good gig and full of hard working
>conscientious yet fun loving people, enjoying their science.
>Today it is an often depressing place, full of even more, much
>more, hardworking people who are undervalued, grossly underpaid,
>and demoralised.  And every government minister says "What can
>we do to improve matters, BUT WE CANNOT TALK ABOUT
>Productivity has gone up thru the roof and they still say "any
>increase will have to be paid for by increased productivity"
>We have yet to be paid for productivity increases in:
>getting the message?
>200000000......How many "o" you got?
>Whinging Welshman
>Russ Allison,
>Dental School

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