Fw: patchy staining on our Labvision

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Date: Monday, September 11, 2000 3:00 PM
Subject: RE: patchy staining on our Labvision

>We don't see any problem with uneven staining on our dako machines. I check
>each run to see if the reagents are dispersing completely and have never
>seen a problem with that; even tissues a opposite ends of the slides stain
>fine. As you say, you do have to be sure the machine is level but even with
>slight leveling irregularities I haven't seen any problems with patchiness
>of staining. Could you be dispensing less reagent than is needed?
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>Subject: patchy staining on our Labvision
>    This is a notorious staining problem. I thought it might be fixation
>related so I ran two slides from the same block in different parts of the
>stainer (DAKO = LabVision right?) one slide had uneven staining the other
>didn't. The sections were treated identically. Next I thought the
>was not level so I checked that. First the instrument was not level, so I
>it, then I noticed that depending on where on the machine you are checking
>was never level. The racks were warped, DAKO was fantastic about replacing
>them. So, finally the instrument was level and the racks were even. The
>staining still OCCASIONALLY reared its ugly head. So we tried changing the
>slides (perhaps there was an uneven coating on the slides) Even with
>slides it still occurred.
>    The situation is not always there. Often there is no problem at all. I
>this a ghost problem. I really think the solution is occasionally not
>dispersed properly on the slide. (Yes there is Tween in the buffer) I would
>like to hear from people to see how common this situation is. Does anyone
>a Biogenex Optimax see this problem? I'm sure NexEs users dont (the
>are basically stirred).
>Amos Brooks
>Jakrobsmith@aol.com wrote:
>> Many thanks for all the replies regarding processing machines and the
>> autostainer. It seems that everyone loves the VIP. We do not use coated
>> slides on our staining machine for our H&Es but you may have solved
>> problem for us. We are also experiencing patchy staining on our Labvision
>> immunostainer which could be down to the coated slides.
>> Many many thanks to all of you.
>> Jackie (Frustrated Histologist) England.

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