Fw: Image Analysis CPT code.

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Date: Monday, September 11, 2000 6:56 PM
Subject: RE: Image Analysis CPT code.

>The CPT code for image analysis is:
> 88358 for tumor
> 88356 for nerve
> 88355 for muscle
>I hope this is what you needed.
>Debbie J. Siena, HT(ASCP)
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>Baylor University Medical Center
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>Subject: Re: Image Analysis CPT code.
>Diana (confused),
>I don't know what the CPT code is for image analysis on
>slides, but the code for image analysis on Feulgen stained slides is 88358.
>may be the same, I don't know.
>The CPT code for ER and PR by immunohistochemistry will be the same as any
>other immuno'  88342.
>Confused??  I resemble that remark!!
>Donald G. Awbrey, HT(ASCP) QIHC
>Electron Microscopy / Image Analysis
>Donald Awbrey@TexasHealth.org
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>Greetings, Histonet.
>Can anyone tell me the appropriate CPT code for image analysis of
>hormone receptors, specifically, ER and PR, on IHC stained slides?
>Also, which code should I be using for ER and PR by IHC, 88342 or
>As usual, I'm soooo confused!!
>Diana Goodwin,  HT
>Trenton,  NJ

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