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>Yes.  I kind of fell into histology while in the Navy and was trained and
>worked at the National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda, MD.
>I don't know how it works now but this is the route I took to histology:  I
>was trained as a Medical Corpsman right out of boot camp.  After school, I
>got orders to the aircraft carrier USS Independence.  I then applied for
>took letters of recommendation from the ship's surgeon, lab director, and
>the MT in charge of the ship's lab) and got accepted to lab school.  From
>lab school, I had orders to the dispensary at Annapolis but when I arrived,
>the dispensary had closed.  They didn't know what to do with me and asked
>I wanted to work histology.  I didn't even know what histology was then but
>said, sure!  It has turned out to be a very lucky day for me.  I have
>enjoyed histology and have never regretted it.  Ok, so now to answer your
>We were a fairly busy histo lab.  There were 4 civil servant histotechs and
>3 military.  At the risk of "Oh, poor me...", I would have to say that the
>civil servants ran the place.  The military techs had to do anything that
>the others did not want to do.  We rarely had any problems between the
>military and non-military, that's just the way it was.  The non-military
>really did not do much but embed, cut and some staining.  The military
>rotated back and forth between grossing with the residents (month at a
>and cutting/staining.  We also had a civil servant diener but the military
>covered autopsies on weekends and holidays .
>The civil servants did not rotate.  They kept the same job all of the time.
>We had one that did nothing but special stains.  We got to cover for
>vacations but that was it.
>Bear in mind that this was back in 1979-1980 and things may have changed
>since then.  All in all I'd have to say that I enjoyed my time there and
>consider it a positive experience.
>Tom Mc Nemar
>Pathology Supervisor
>Licking Memorial Hospital
>Newark, Ohio
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>> Hi,
>> Has anyone ever heard of a Histotech being in the
>> Navy/military?  If so, please give me some information
>> on what it is like.  You can email me directly at
>> pa_mouse@yahoo.com
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