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Date: Tuesday, September 12, 2000 3:26 AM
Subject: Help with clarification of "Lake"

>Me and my fellow coworkers are studying for our ASCP HT and we were
>if anyone out there could help us with some clarification about a lake for
>cytoplasmic staining.  We know that a Lake is the combination of a mordant
>with a dye and that the dye lake can bind to tissue components and form an
>insoluble colored deposit.  But what we would like some help with is this:
>Why is it that when you use the lake technique procedure you get different
>results from when you stain with the slide standing in a coplin jar versus
>lying flat on a stain rack?
>Thanks and please do not laugh real hard and fall of your seat and hurt
>Noreen Fitzgibbons
>Reno, NV

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