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Date: Tuesday, September 12, 2000 2:10 AM
Subject: BOR eligibility

>I would like to make a couple of comments.  First of all, there are just
>enough certified HTLs to fill all of the positions requiring more
>There are less than 2000 certified HTLs in the US.  Second, CLIA '88 says
>that those with an associate degree are capable of performing complex
>testing.  Gross description falls in this category and histotechs with an
>associate degree may perform certain gross descriptions (subject to review
>the pathologist within 24 hours).  This means that an HT may perform this
>test only if they have an associate degree.  The BOR feels that only those
>individuals who are able to perform all of the tasks within the purview of
>the HT should be eligible for certification.  To do otherwise would not be
>fair to future employers or to the employee.  A certified HT should be able
>to move between positions or employers with the employer reasonably assured
>that the individual has ALL of the skills that are within the purview of
>HT.  To this end, the BOR will probably begin adding questions on gross on
>the examination.
>One thing that people tend to forget is that individuals that have been in
>the field for a long time have grown with the field  - especially if they
>have participated in continuing education, but the BOR is primarily
>with those entering the field.  They do not care what their capabilities
>be in 10 or 15 years, but what their capabilities and knowledge are
>immediately upon completion of their training.  If you have been in the
>for a long time - you cannot compare your abilities and knowledge with a
>career entry level person.  What a person needs today at career entry is
>vastly different from even a decade ago and will continue to change.
>Personally, I think the AA can do nothing but improve the profession, and
>has been to long in coming.
>Freida Carson

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