Fontana-Masson staining on appendix again

From:"CHEN, YUETIAN" <> (by way of histonet)

Dear histonetters,
A month ago, I asked a question about fixitive of Fontana-Masson staining.
I do have a problem of this staining with appendix.  I have a very nice
embeded appendix tissue and I have been doing the staining for three times
yesterday.  I stained the tissue in silver solution until the sections turn
light brown, dark brown (I did two sets).  However, after gold cloride, and
nuclear fast red staining, I did not see the staining.  My problem is that I

don't know what is the distrubution of those positive cells looks like in
appendix?  Is there a lot?  What tissues should turn black? I can not find
pictures of Fontana-Masson staining on appendix.  Can you give me some
suggestions?  Thank you very much.

Yuetian Chen


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