Bone in plastic

From:Linda Jenkins <> (by way of histonet)

Dear Su,
	If no other HistoNetter responds to your question, I will be glad
to send you detailed procedures for your LCPD (Legg-Calves-Perthes Disease)
study when I return from Milwaukee on September 25.  Unfortunately, I am
frantically trying to get 3 workshops, an educational table, and a Hard
Tissue Committee meeting packed and ready to travel by the end of the day.
	However, I noticed from an ealier posting, that Neil Hand will be
unable to attend this year's meeting (he will be missed) and he has a bunch
of wonderful procedures for embedding in plastic and doing IHC studies.
His email is <>.  Keep in mind that there
is a six hour time difference between your email addresses.
	Wish you were going to the NSH meeting - lots of help there!
Linda Jenkins, HT
Clemson University
Department of Bioengineering

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