stain and paraffin removal from clothing

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Date:Mon, 31 Jan 2000 22:47:07 -0500
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Hi everyone,
How many times have you noticed paraffin spots on your clothes before
washing, washed them, and get a dried result that looks like you had a great
dinner at a local greasy spoon?  I've found a solution. Before you wash, or
if you missed any spots, try a product called "Goo-Gone". It's available in
hardware/discount stores and does a great job on any greasy spots. It removes
store stickers and tape residue as well, and it's cheap.
To help remove hematoxylin stains from clothes, keep a small supply of acid
alcohol on hand at home (70% etoh/HCl) and eyedropper it on to any spots
before washing.
Eosin usually washes out in regular washing. If it doesn't, use the acid
These tips may sound silly, but I don't have to give quite so many clothes to
Goodwill anymore.

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