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Date:Mon, 25 Oct 1999 12:38:45 -0500
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Dear HistoNetters in USA & Canada,
	It's obvious that Histotechs are in demand:  the weekly notices via
the HistoNet and the constant adds in publications like the Advance
magazine.  At one point this summer, there were nearly 100 HT positions
advertized in one issue. I think electronic communication is a great way to
spread the word about job openings.  I wonder how often laboratories are
successful in recruiting a qualified tech from outside their region.  My
experience in 30 years of Histology supervising is as follows:   It is rare
to hire someone from outside our region.  The circumstances of success occur
when a spouse is transferred to the area or life changes occur that dictate
a geographic move.  Students tend to remain in the region where they train. 
	There have been hundreds of postings on the HistoNet over the past 2
years.  I am interested in your success rate of recruiting.  If you have had
an opening in the past 2 years for a histotech in your lab, please respond.
I will tabulate the results and share them here on the HistoNet.

*	Number of FTE's  in your Histology Lab    _____
      (full-time equivalent; EXAMPLE:  1 40 hr/wk job = 1 FTE or 2-- 20
hr/wk positions = 1 FTE)

*	Number of positions open in your lab for HT or HTL over the past 2

*	Approximate time in months that the position remained open______

*	Number of positions during the past 2 years which have been filled
by a tech from outside your region____

*	Current vacant positions in your lab _____

This might be interesting.
Thanks for contributing.

Jeannie Fisher, HTL (ASCP)
Anatomic Pathology Section Mgr.
St. Luke's Hospital
4401 Wornall Road
Kansas City, MO 64111

FAX:     816-932-3822
Phone:  816-932-2230

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