Re: under appreciated histotechs

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Date:Mon, 31 Jan 2000 22:47:31 -0500
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we can at least try and do something that will prohibit just "any lab" to be
able to train ht's on the job. There should be adequate "higher educated" and
experienced techs to do the training as well as monitoring of the training
and require that the volume of the lab is manageable so that training could
actually  take place. I graduated from an accredited program but my first job
was in one of "those labs" that had numerous people "in training" was a
high volume lab and it was all we could do to get surgicals out every day,
and training fell by the wayside for these people. It isn't fair to those in
training, nor is it fair to those that had to pick up the slack. WE have to
do something, and I agree that ascp regs are a great start.
  Off the soapbox now and back to my corner....Phyllis

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