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From:atbrooks <> (by way of histonet)
Date:Mon, 31 Jan 2000 22:47:16 -0500
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    Based upon your description of your training it sounds as though you
are one
of the "lucky ones". There are on the job training programs that have NO
classroom time at all. These are the ones I am most concerned with. A tech
study and research skills, which is what the classroom is for.
    I would like there to be a uniformity in these training programs, an
accreditation process, with some minimum standards to prove the program is
Amos Brooks

"Rupe, Amanda" wrote:

> I think the OJT training is okay depending on the circumstances.  I work for
> a large government lab and if we didn't train our own histotechs we would
> never have enough workers.  We set up classroom time for 3 months followed
> by hands-on in the lab.  We always encourage and support our techs to get
> their certification and occasionally we lose them after investing time and
> money.  When I started my training I was a young mother(19) and wanted an
> education, but I was not able to afford it at the time.  My job has
> encouraged me and paid for me to further my education and now I am a
> Research Associate and my main responsibility is training of our new
> technicians.  I will agree that some don't understand the theory, but there
> are those of us who do and we don't want to be ruled out because we were
> trained on the job.  Sorry this is so lenghty.
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> >     I meant no offense with my statements about hiring unregistered
> > techs to save money it was merely intended to illustrate where this
> > trend could lead.
> >     I feel very strongly that on the job training should be held off as
> > an ultimate last resort. We are after all dealing with peoples lives. I
> > would want the very best care for my own biopsies, and assume the same
> > for everyone else.
> >     It should also be said that a few of the best techs I have met  were
> > trained on the job. They eventually saw the usefulness of the
> > educational background and fulfilled this in time. But they agree they
> > received result oriented training, rather than quality oriented job
> > training.
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