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From:Jill Songer <>
To:valerie degroff <>, Vicki L McKaughan <>
Date:Fri, 22 Oct 1999 14:13:44 -0400
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We also have the BioGenex Optimax and love it. I agree that the company has
very good support. I hear the Dako unit is very good, also.

At 10:23 AM 10/22/99 -0400, valerie degroff wrote:
>Earlier this year, we purchased a BioGenex Optimax for our research
>histology lab.  Although we are not yet operating at full capacity, we
>have found the instrument to be well designed and solidly supported up
>by the excellent technical and sales staff at BioGenex.  The new
>software is user friendly and we anticipate testing their in situ
>technology later in our project.  They have sent in personnel
>(repeatedly) to help get us up and running.  Once we had optimized the
>staining antibodies (from multiple vendors) and conditions, the runs in
>the instrument have been consistent and trouble free.  Contact me
>personally if you have any additional questions.  ...And no.... I do not
>work for BioGenex, I simply appreciate a manufacturer who actually
>supports their product and does not disappear once "the big sale" is
>Vicki L McKaughan wrote:
>> I am interested in purchasing an automated immunostainer.  currently,
>> I am demoing the
>> Ventana.  I am schduled to demo the biogenics
>> and dako stainers also.  i would appreciated hearing from anyone who
>> currently uses one of these instruments.
>> sincerely,
>> vicki mckaughan, HT
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