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From:valerie degroff <>
To:Vicki L McKaughan <>
Date:Fri, 22 Oct 1999 10:23:38 -0400
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Earlier this year, we purchased a BioGenex Optimax for our research
histology lab.  Although we are not yet operating at full capacity, we
have found the instrument to be well designed and solidly supported up
by the excellent technical and sales staff at BioGenex.  The new
software is user friendly and we anticipate testing their in situ
technology later in our project.  They have sent in personnel
(repeatedly) to help get us up and running.  Once we had optimized the
staining antibodies (from multiple vendors) and conditions, the runs in
the instrument have been consistent and trouble free.  Contact me
personally if you have any additional questions.  ...And no.... I do not
work for BioGenex, I simply appreciate a manufacturer who actually
supports their product and does not disappear once "the big sale" is

Vicki L McKaughan wrote:

> I am interested in purchasing an automated immunostainer.  currently,
> I am demoing the
> Ventana.  I am schduled to demo the biogenics
> and dako stainers also.  i would appreciated hearing from anyone who
> currently uses one of these instruments.
> sincerely,
> vicki mckaughan, HT
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