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Date:Wed, 20 Oct 1999 13:36:39 -0500
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We were using the NordicWare pressure cooker recommended by Biogenex for several
years.  We were real suspicious that it was "repeatable" each time.  The little
red knob that was supposed to be sticking up when there was pressure wasn't
always sticking up.  Sometimes it was and sometimes it wasn't.  Sometimes when
we opened the pressure cooker it would hiss (as in releasing pressure) and
sometimes it wouldn't.

We have switched to the Black & Decker Rice steamer for antigen retrieval
procedures and seemingly we are getting better results.  We use the protocol
recommended by Dako.  I'll be happy to share it with you if needed.

Nancy Cardwell
Plastic Surgery Research
Vanderbilt University Medical Center
Nashville, TN

lcjx <> on 10/20/99 08:07:32 AM

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 Subject: Pressure cooker                                     

Good day histonetters:

Just wondering what the pressure cooker of choice is out there, prior to
ordering one for our lab.

Any recommendations?

Carlos Genty
Houston, Texas

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