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From:Tony Henwood <>
To:"Histonet Group (E-mail)" <>, Sally Prouty <>
Date:Thu, 21 Oct 1999 23:27:16 +0000
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Dear Sally,

>  Has anyone ever performed IF on formalin fixed paraffin embedded tissue? If
> yes. Is there an enzyme digesting agent that is better to use for IF? Also I
> think I read somewhere that 10% Neutral Buffered Formalin autofluoresces.
> Has anyone heard this?

You can do IF on formalin fixed tissue just like a regular IPX (it is 
only the label that is different). Use enzyme or antigen retrieval as 
usual. IF on formalin fixed skin and renal (like IPX) is difficult 
but not impossible.

Collagen will fluoresce after formalin fixation and of course melanin 
will as well (basis of the formalin induced fluorescence test). The 
appropriate use of filters will decrease this problem.

Regards, Tony

Tony Henwood
Senior Scientist
Anatomical Pathology
Royal Prince Alfred Hospital

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