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From:Patricia Karlisch <> (by way of histonet)
Date:Mon, 31 Jan 2000 22:47:17 -0500
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Most institutions do not pay more.  Some institutions do define a
Histotechnician vs a Histotechnologist and this is distinguished by
certification, college education or years of service.  I am a former
histotechnologist but have gone on to management.   I agree with you that
you do not have to have a degree to be the best histotech.  A degree will
open doors to other areas  however, especially,  if you are interested in
management, molecular biology, research, FISH etc. We all learn on the job
and college is not meant to teach on the job type duties.  Someone once
said to me ," an intelligent person will learn on their own, the rest of us
go to college".  I went to college.

Pat Karlisch

>>> "Reeder, Carole" <> 10/28 10:17 AM >>>
Another take on formal education vs OJT:
I am an OJT trained Histotech (ASCP Registered) working in a large hospital
lab. While I do not have the formal education of many of you, I have the
common sense that you cannot get in any college course. I know theory
because I learned it, but more importantly, I know other things that I would
have never learned in Biology or Chemistry. Those are billing, stocking lab,
computer (Co-Path), staffing, QA, QC,  the list goes on and on. These are
all things that I do everyday.  I am requested more often not over a BS
degree HT that I work with on problems that occur daily in a routine
Histology lab. If I had to have a degree to go into Histology, I would not
be in it today as I am just not a disciplined student but I am a quick
learner.  I am an excellent all-round tech and have been doing this for 20+
years. Job opportunities come my way quite often, even without the degree. I
would like to know if any/most labs pay differently with a degree, this one
does not. (not management)
Just my two cents.

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