Re: Counterstain for in-situ hybridization

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From:"Markus F. Meyenhofer" <>
To:"Hooker, Anna" <>
Date:Mon, 25 Oct 1999 23:03:27 -0400
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Hooker, Anna wrote:
> We are looking for a good counterstain for In Situ Hybridization.  Can I get
> some feedback on good counterstains that will not interfere with the ISH
> signal.  We use BCIP/NBT for detection.
> Thanks!
> Ana Hooker
> Anatomic Pathology Dept.
> ARUP Laboratories,
> Salt Lake City, UT

Try 0.1% Kernechtrot in 5% Aluminum sulfate (heat to disolve, cool,
filter, add a few Thymol crystals). After the reaction stain about 1-2
min, rinse in dist. water and coverslip with aequious mounting media.
Markus F. Meyenhofer
Microscopy Labs
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