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From:"Texeira, Maria" <> (by way of histonet)
Date:Wed, 20 Oct 1999 03:46:52 -0400
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Antigen Retrieval has in many cases proven to be superior to enzyme
pre-digestion, but in some cases it is not. If an antibody has not been
previously tested with various retrieval methods, by the antibody
manufacturer, one should test and compare.  In cases where enzyme
pre-digestion is rarely needed and when the tissue is optimally fixed,
antigen retrieval may not be necessary.
 In the study by S.Y. Leong, and Milios, there was a notable increase in the
intensity and extent of immunostaining for antigens including the
intermediate filament proteins, tissue-associated antigens, such as
chromogranin, CD34, CD31, the oncogene proteins including BCL2, cerbB2, p53
,and many of the lymphocyte antigens such as CDw75, CD74, CD3, OPD4, and
4KB5. There are many notations in the literature where pH  of the antigen
retrieval solution is of great importance for the retrieval of antigens.
At BioGenex all the antibodies are tested with the different retrieval
solutions as well as enzymes and we then recommend the one that gives the
best signal.
 Please view our questions and answers on antigen retrieval on the web at
Hope this helps. Have a great day!

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