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Date:Wed, 20 Oct 1999 09:19:39 +0200
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If the cells are adherent, you can ask your client to grow them directly on the small square microscope cover slides. He can sterilize these covers by immersing them in alcohol and then flaming them shortly. He should put the cover slides in a Petri dish (several can be put in one 10cm Petri dish) and put a drop of cells on each slide. Incubate for about an hour to let the cells adhere and than add 7-10 mls of medium to the plate and grow the cells regularly. When the cells are ready for staining, just pick the cover slides very carefully with forceps and put them on a piece of Parafilm. The cells on the slides can than be fixed and stained very easily. 

To observe the staining on the slide put a drop of mounting media on a regular microscope slide and invert the stained cover slide on it.
If you need more details please contact me.

Dorit Zharhary

From:  HistoScientific
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Subject:  Staining Cell Cultures

Dear Netters,

We have a client that would like to see lipid vesicles in cell cultures
that he has developed in a Petri dish.  How do we get the cell culture
on the microscope slide?  Is the culture something you can frozen
section, then stain?  We work with the actual tissue most of the time,
therefore we are not very experienced with cell cultures!  Any
suggestions would be most appreciated.


Beth Poole
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