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Date:Mon, 31 Jan 2000 22:47:34 -0500
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Is this for real?

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> You're right, histotechs are in demand and it seems the shortage versus
> demand factor is catching up to us.  We don't have very many histotech
> schools around anymore, and some labs here in the Pacific Northwest is
> doing
> more on the job training.  My only fear with that is they don't push
> certification, thus labs are being unmanned by certified histotechs and no
> real regulations exist that requires histotechs being certified.
> Actually in a sense this is a good thing for histology, as demand versus
> supply is going to drive up salaries - which may be long overdue
> recognition
> for a field that is so important.  Actually I am meeting with upper
> management myself next week in an attemp to reclassify histotechs and
> equalize them into the Med Tech pay scale.  Wish me luck.
> By the way, I have recruited histotechs from outside the area but only
> been
> successful by offering a good salary, pay their moving expenses, and pay a
> sign on bonus.

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