Progesterone receptor

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From:Jim Manavis <>
To:Histonet <>
Date:Thu, 21 Oct 1999 16:05:08 +0930
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Can any one provide me with information on what Progesterone receptor clones
they are using. Which is the clone of choice and why?

We currently use an Abbott rat anti human (clone KD68) on our FFPE breast
material, which we enhance. Apart from this we get a very good result.

I am currently assessing the Dako mouse monoclonal PgR (clone PgR 636). The
staining pattern looks very similar, but with a much more florid intensity
and at a much better dilution.

If PgR 636 is the marker of choice could someone supply me with the
appropriate references/verification.



or via Histonet

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