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In a message dated 10/23/99 7:36:19 PM EST, Cathy wrote to say thank you to
the vendors who were part of the recent NSH. Besides the tremendous amount of
work involved in bringing all the latest histology products to us there is a
pretty hefty cost. In a former life working for a vendor, setting up theses
trade shows was my job so I know very well what goes into the shows, from
contracting for the space, to shipping in (and out) all that heavy equipment
to arranging for the staffing for the booth.
I'd like to add my dittos to Cathy's thanks and well wishes- I really
appreciate what you guys and ladies do for us!!!
Andi Grantham

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To all vendors that attended the NSH Convention,

After returning from the NSH Convention in Rhode Island, I just wanted to
say thank you to all the vendors who exhibited.  Thank you for bringing the
lastest in supplies and technology and all the goodies given to those who
visited the exhibit hall.  It takes a tremendous amount of work to display
and exhibit the booth during the few hours that we have.  I also
appreciated the nice parties.

Wishing you all a prosperous year!

Cathy A. Mayton
Wasatch Histo Consultants, Inc.

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