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Subject: Histonet Problems
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Greeting Doctors;

Slight problem in the computer lab sense :-) I was on your list as it was
advertised in such a way that I was led to believe that information in the
way of articles and abstracts for student public domain might be researched.
Hopefully these educational mutterings would be in the area of theory as to
new directions for blood values which identified and correlated to specific
disease. Example new disease or a more in-depth approach of perhaps
identifiers for a very specific disease let us say not generalized cancer but
let us say identifiers marking oh what...prostate cancer for instance.
Instead I found that the articles are more so directly involved with lab
technique and employment, salary and education verses OJT (On the Job
Training) when I started receiving the first few messages from all over the
country I asked to be removed from the list as it just wasn't the research
and theory data that was of my particular interest. Then after my request,
all of a sudden I have been receiving mail addressed to others, Hmmm? Which
leads me to the theory however abstract said theory may be that your 'LIST
SERVER IS ON THE FRITTS"...er 'NEEDS REPAIR", so I again make the request to
remove me from your list, as I meant no intrusion into the HT world and also
appreciate that Histonet is a Computer Server and meant no intrusion into my
world. Please take me off the list, and Thank You for Your Time.

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