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From:Anita Jennings <jennings@mayo.edu> (by way of histonet)
Date:Wed, 20 Oct 1999 03:46:54 -0400
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Got this from the AZ crew.(Thanks guys for maintaining a new tradition.)
They said I could share, so I am forwarding it to y'all. I wish I could be
there. At least we won't feel left out. anita

Hi Anita!
Your amigas from Arizona could try to create a NSH Diary for you since you
are not able to make it to Providence this year. You can forward this on the
Histonet if you like.
Friday - travel day for mostly everyone. Our flights were uneventful and we
got here later in the day since coming from AZ is an all-day event. I'm told
that several people arrived without luggage and by Sat AM still did not have
there precious belongings. I arrived in Providence after dark so I could not
see the city but the hotel was incredible. We are staying at the Biltmore -
we have a HUGE! room on the 15th floor and it looks out on a marvelous ice
rink. The hotel was built somewhere in the 1920's and is a grand old hotel.
All three of us arrived at late hours (Elizabeth, Diane and I) and talked
excitedly until we absolutely crashed getting only 4 hours of sleep before
Saturday and day 1 of NSH.
Saturday - this was the first official day of the meeting and the first
workshops were presented. No matter how many times you get to come to NSH it
is always a revitalizing experience. It is great fun to see old friends -
there was lots of hugging and catching up going on in the convention hall on
Saturday morning. It is also fun to watch the first timers as they try to
find their way through the registration process and on to their workshops.
I had to go out and get "supplies" for my workshop and a Betty, a local tech
took us up Federal Hill to a market. The short trip to the market gave us a
good look at some of Providence and the colorful shops and numerous
restaurants. The shop owner was so personable and friendly and gave us a
chunk of cheese to munch on our way back to the convention center. Our
workshop on Saturday afternoon was full and we were nervous being first time
presenters but I think it went well...at least the evaluations were good. My
power point presentation went off without a hitch (except when we leaned on
the cable!) and the tissues we processed in the microwave look good.
Both Elizabeth and Diane attended workshops that they said were excellent.
The histonet buttons are great this year. Good Job! They are large, round
have a globe on them with the words "Uniting the world".
There is a display with pictures of Morgan Dize. She is such a sweet little
girl. I wish we could send attachments so you could see her sweet little
We jumped in a cab and went to a wonderful restaurant for dinner, catching
another glimpse of Providence as the sun was setting. What a beautiful city.
On returning to the hotel we did a quick turn around and were off to the
Richard Allen/Sakura millenium party. This was one of the best parties I've
been to at NSH in a long time! There were games and things to do reminiscent
of the last 100 years like hula hoops, & twister. Music also represented the
whole last century. You could get a picture taken with Luke Skywalker or
Marilyn Monroe or James Dean to name a few.
This was a big day for me at least and it came to a close - again - much too
End of this entry.

Andi Grantham

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