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From:"Reeder, Carole" <creeder@SHC.org> (by way of histonet)
Date:Mon, 31 Jan 2000 22:47:18 -0500
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Subject: Histotech Education

Another take on formal education vs OJT:
I am an OJT trained Histotech (ASCP Registered) working in a large hospital
lab. While I do not have the formal education of many of you, I have the
common sense that you cannot get in any college course. I know theory
because I learned it, but more importantly, I know other things that I
have never learned in Biology or Chemistry. Those are billing, stocking
computer (Co-Path), staffing, QA, QC,  the list goes on and on. These are
all things that I do everyday.  I am requested more often not over a BS
degree HT that I work with on problems that occur daily in a routine
Histology lab. If I had to have a degree to go into Histology, I would not
be in it today as I am just not a disciplined student but I am a quick
learner.  I am an excellent all-round tech and have been doing this for 20+
years. Job opportunities come my way quite often, even without the degree.
would like to know if any/most labs pay differently with a degree, this one
does not. (not management)
Just my two cents.

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