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From:Tora Bardal <> (Philip Oshel),
Date:Tue, 05 Oct 1999 08:34:54 +0100
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Portable dry ice maker:

U.S.patent 4374658

Nichio Koeki Co., LTD.

I got a brochure from this address in <underline>January

Day-Impex Ltd

Station Works

Earls Col**


Essex CO6 2ER


+44 787 223232

fax +44 787 224171


At 18:12 4.10.99 -0500, Philip Oshel wrote:

>Do you need to make a solid chunk of dry ice, or would lumpy "snow" do?

>snow is fine, all you need is a hose and a pillow case. Attach the gas

>to the CO2 tank, put the pillow case over the end of the hose, attach

>twist-ties or the like, and turn on the CO2 tank. Get lots of gas

>out. Before long you'll have lots of solid CO2 "snow", with some lumps

>more solid CO2. I've use this "snow" for packing things in dry ice and

>similar applications. Works fine.




>>Does anyone have a contact for making dry ice.   Anyone know where to
buy a

>>dry ice maker?




>>LeRoy Brown HT(ASCP) HTL

>>Histology Consultation Services

>>85 se 8th ave

>>Oak Harbor,  WA  98277



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>Address for courier deliveries:

>6319 Pheasant Lane  #A-12

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