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Date:Mon, 4 Oct 1999 18:12:35 -0500
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Do you need to make a solid chunk of dry ice, or would lumpy "snow" do? If
snow is fine, all you need is a hose and a pillow case. Attach the gas hose
to the CO2 tank, put the pillow case over the end of the hose, attach with
twist-ties or the like, and turn on the CO2 tank. Get lots of gas coming
out. Before long you'll have lots of solid CO2 "snow", with some lumps of
more solid CO2. I've use this "snow" for packing things in dry ice and
similar applications. Works fine.


>Does anyone have a contact for making dry ice.   Anyone know where to buy a
>dry ice maker?
>LeRoy Brown HT(ASCP) HTL
>Histology Consultation Services
>85 se 8th ave
>Oak Harbor,  WA  98277

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