cells from culture

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From:Jill Songer <jtsonger@vt.edu>
Date:Tue, 12 Oct 1999 16:04:12 -0400
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Hi Histonetters,

Before everyone, except me, heads off to NSH, let me pick your brains. We
have a researcher who has brain cells grown from cell cultures. These cells
are in agar. Sorry, don't know what kind. He is interested in doing
immunocytochemistry on the cells and wonders if the agar will interfere
with the immuno label. Again, I don't know what label. Also, any tips on
processing these little suckers and how to embed them without losing them.
Will the agar stay put during processing or will it dissolve?


Jill Songer HT (ASCP)
Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine
Veterinary Teaching Hospital
Virginia Tech

"To achieve the possible, we must attempt the impossible"

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