Re: slippery floors

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From:"Willis, Donna" <>, John & Heather Nymeyer <>,
Date:Fri, 8 Oct 1999 09:54:00 -0500

Mats are great if you don't have someone in your lab that has a latex

Donna Willis
Histology Lab Manager
Harris Methodist Fort Worth, Texas
To:; John & Heather Nymeyer
Subject: Re: slippery floors
Date: Thursday, October 07, 1999 10:12AM

      We have had similar problems and have had complaints lodged by other
     departments who have to travel our hallways...the paraffin gets
     tracked outside the lab and makes for a skating rink for all
     passersby.  We have gone to Tacky Mats which we place at every cutting
     and embedding station as well as near the exits.  It has made a HUGE
     difference for us. We also have our housekeeping staff strip our
     floors on a regular basis to remove even more of the paraffin debris.
     The mats can be purchased from Fisher Scientific. If you need more
     info just drop me an e-mail.  Hope this helps...:)

     Vicki Gauch, HTL
     Albany Medical Center

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Subject: slippery floors
Author:  "John & Heather Nymeyer" <> at Internet-Mail
Date:    10/7/99 1:34 AM

Would anyone have a solution to slippery floors?  Our housekeeping
department is no longer polishing our department floors
hoping this will eliminate the problem, but so far no change.  We have tried
to use mats,  but they are also a
safety hazard and difficult to clean.  I am interested in any products you
may have on your floors or any recommendations
for a product to remove the build up of wax particles often present in a
Histology lab.


Heather Nymeyer, RT
Charge Technologist
Royal Inland Hospital
Kamloops, BC, Canada

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