Re: slippery floors

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To:"John & Heather Nymeyer" <>
Date:Thu, 7 Oct 1999 08:57:26 -0500
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Slippery floors are a constant irritation to our business administrator
because he and the secretaries wear leather soled shoes.  Us in the
business always wear rubber soles, some type of athletic shoe and have no
problem.  We have rubber  backed carpet mats but  he says these are slick
Our only other solution is that we use sticky mats around the embedding
machine.  They pick up all the little particles from our shoes before we
track it around.  I think these were made for sensitive computer equipment
areas but work great here.  Each mat has a dozen or so layers and when one
is dirty  you just pull off the top layer and have a clean one.   Be sure
your shoes are tied tightly or you will walk out of them and they will be
suck to the floor!!!!

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