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From:"Alan Bright" <>
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Date:Thu, 7 Oct 1999 10:59:00 +0100
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Dear Sharon,

Sorry I must have missed the start of these emails, but the thickness of
glass required is 1/4 inch or 6mm.
They can be made from microscope slides by hand, but that's  another story,
and as you have a Ralf knife maker not necessary.

Best Regards

Alan Bright

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From: Marshall, Sharon, Mrs <>
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Date: Thursday, October 07, 1999 10:49
Subject: Ralph Knives

Hi Karen,

Tried your method to make glass knives but did not have much success.
If you have any references I would appreciate having them. I actually
have a glass knife making machine for Ralph Knives which I gave up on
ages ago.  I would like to give it another bash as I have the holder
for Ralph knives for the micrtome in my lab.
I know they are pretty tricky to make.  I have never been sure as to
the thickness of the glass one should use.

Many Thanks,
Sharon Marshall

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