Re: Lifting Eye Corneas

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From:HistoScientific <>
To:"Ford, Judi {PATH~Palo Alto}" <JUDI.FORD@ROCHE.COM>,
Date:Thu, 14 Oct 1999 21:15:20 -0400
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Dear Judi,

We have had the same problem(s) in the past.  We fix our small animal eyes in
10%NBF, and our larger (rabbit, dog, etc) in Davidson's. We then put the eyes on
plus slides and bake for about 15 minutes in the oven on low heat.  It works
every time!  Good luck.

-Tom Galati
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"Ford, Judi {PATH~Palo Alto}" wrote:

> Hi:
> I hoping someone out there may have a solution to a problem we have in our
> lab.  The jist of it is that the edges of the eye corneas on our slides have
> been lifting and folding back.  It doesn't matter if we use adhesive slides
> or not.  The problem mainly occurs on rat eyes and not as much on the larger
> species.  Our procedure is as follows:  We want to prevent retinal
> detachment so the eyes are fixed in a solution that has acetic acid, alcohol
> and conc. formalin.  Recently, we tried Davidson's fixative which differs by
> using 10%NBF instead of conc. formalin.  Both have the problem of lifting
> corneas.  We don't have the problem when just fixing in 10% NBF, but then we
> have retinal detachment occuring. If we go back to using 10%NBF can anyone
> suggest ways of preventing detachment from happening?  Any help sent our way
> is greatly appreciated.
> Thanks.....
> Judi Ford

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