Re: Hi/low profile blades

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Date:Mon, 11 Oct 1999 08:20:41 EDT
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It is my opinion that a good holder is most certainly a key issue when 
choosing a microtome blade.  Many histotechs that still use and prefer 
standard blades have not had the advantage to try a good microtome knife 
base.    A blade holder inserted in what is designed for a standard blade 
gives more chance for vibration as opposed to a knife holder that is intended 
to be used with a disposable blade.  Keep this in mind when making your 
Dawn M. Truscott

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<< Assuming equally good holders, a low profile blade, is more likely to 
 or otherwise move when challenged by a tough specimen, than is a high 
 knife. Not surprisingly a lot of people chose thicker, high profiles blades 
 cryostat sectioning and thinner low profile blades for sectioning at 3 or 
 micrometers. >>

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