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Date:Wed, 13 Oct 1999 12:22:04 -0600
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fixation should definately be before decal, what fixative you use depends on
what you want to do with them.  nbf is more versitile and if alcohol is used
it should be cold 4 dC before putting the sample in it to help minimize the
shrinkage.  alcohol is not so good for immunohistochemistry but if your
samples are fluorchorme labelled, aqueous fixatives can remove the label.
patsy ruegg

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Subject: Fixation before decalcification

Dear all,

I wonder if you can help ease me past a mental block.

I am reviewing an SOP (written by another) for formic acid decalcification.
They state that fixation of these tissues should be with either NBF or 70%
alcohol.  I'm pretty sure (in my own mind) that to protect the tissue from
acid hydrolysis aldehyde fixation is essential, but the usual suspects
(Bancroft and Stevens, Drury and Wallington, Culling Allison and Barr) have
failed me.

Anybody have first hand experience with demineralization of tissues fixed in
NBF versus 70% alcohol?


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