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From:"Marshall, Sharon, Mrs" <>
Date:Fri, 15 Oct 1999 15:02:25 +0000
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Hi  histonetters,

I am interested to hear opinions on this. I am busy processing a 13 
day chick embryo head. It has already been adequately fixed in 4% 
paraformaldehyde.  We want good morphology where the cornea is 
concerned.  I would like to process the tissue in less then 24hrs 
i.e. dehydrating in alcohol, clearing in xylol, infiltrating with 
histosec wax and embedding .  I am quite happy that I am giving 
the tissue adequate time at each stage.  My dilemma is  that one 
of my fellow staff members thinks that it is  fine to leave the 
tissue in  wax over night at 60 degrees.  We are planning to do in 
situ.  Will this be detrimental to the tissue?  Will an overnight 
cycle on the tissue processor be fine?  As it is embryonic tissue 
just how gentle must we be? 
Any comment would be appreciated.
Sharon Marshall
Dept. Anatomy and Cell Biology
University Of Cape Town
South Africa

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