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From:"Anita Jennings" <jennings@mayo.edu>
Date:Thu, 7 Oct 1999 08:48:08 -0700
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I will not be attending the NSH this year. A lot of things came up, we have
had many changes in our secretary area over the past year and the person who
was doing my trip didn't sign me up for my workshops and didn't get me a
room for the whole time. Plus we have this big meeting on the 18th that I
should probably attend. Well enough bellyaching, bottom line, I will not be
attending the NSH S/C this year and I would like to get a volunteer to write
the diary to keep all of us left behind people included in on what is
happening. Please!!  Is anyone taking their laptop? Or is everyone going to
unsubscribe? I havenít missed a meeting since Monterey and I think it is
going to be a rough withdrawal. ANITA J

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