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Date:Wed, 6 Oct 1999 10:29:30 EDT
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ATTN: Timothy M. Coskran
I am a 53 year old white female.  Last year I was diagnosed with ovarian 
cancer-Stage III.  Surgery was performed and followed by 6 cycles of chemo.  
All tests came back clear for 5 months.  After a recent check, my CA125 came 
back elevated and an MRI revealed an abnormal lynph node.  A needle biopsy 
confirmed that it was malignant.  The doctors have asked me to join the EGFR 
study..  I have a few questions:
    1. Is the drug going to eliminate the cancer (if it works) or is it to be 
used in conjuction with chemotheraphy to enhance other treatment?
    2. What results have you experienced so far?
Any info you can give me in layman's  terms will be appreciated.

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