Bone Saw

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Date:Tue, 12 Oct 1999 10:01:22 EDT
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Patty Eneff in Oklahoma City asks about bone saws, noting that

>>The pathologist swears that a [scroll] saw was used at Johns Hopkins, where 
he did his residency.<<

Last year I was at Johns Hopkins for a continuing medical education program 
that included a talk by a pathologist there who is interested in the 
pathology of femoral heads and such. Unlike your pathologist, I took notes 
(something every pathology resident should do about methods used in their 
residency - you're likely to need them in your first jobs, as your 
pathologist found out) and did some comparison shopping at Home Depot. My 
notes read:

Edward F. McCarthy, Jr., M.D. at Johns Hopkins uses a table scroll saw from 
Home Depot, used by woodworkers to cut out fancy woodwork - a vibrating saw,=20
you press the bone down into the saw’s table to cut. [I checked these right 
after the conference in May 1998 - about $90 for a saw of mainland Chinese 
manufacture, about $180 for a saw made in Taiwan. The saws are heavy, with a=20
large footprint, about 18 inches on a side, probably too large for most gross 
rooms.] Take the dust off the sawn surface by gently brushing with a 

Bob Richmond
Samurai Pathologist
Knoxville TN

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